The Birds of East Africa

We offer 2 weeks birding trips from USD 2.000 pr. person

The Black-lored Cisticola is endemic to Southern Tanzania and Northern Malawi. This bird we will find for you on our Southern Highland tour.

This cute pair of Sokoke Scops Owls were found in Arabuko Sokoke Forest, Kenya. These bird we will find for you on the Arusha + Kenya East Coast Trip, 

The lovely Usambara Double-collared Sunbird is endemic to the South Pare and the Usambara Mountains in Tanzania. This bird we can almost guarantee on our Usambara trip.

Picture of the birds to see

If you want to see more pictures of birds in Kenya and Tanzania, click the link below to go to the birding pictures section, where you will find pictures of more than 820 species from Tanzania and Kenya

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We also frequently post pictures on our Facebook page Tanzanian birding adventure by Florence and Per Holmen. 

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