At my home Office

Per Holmen is a Norwegian citizen, living in Usa River, near Arusha, Tanzania. He has travelled extensively in East Africa looking for birds. His East Africa list now stands at 1129 birds where 1081 have been photographed. For Tanzania: 888 seen, 834 Photographed. He lived in South Africa From 1997 to 2012 and have a bird list of 839 species from Southern Africa He has a beautiful house on where he can accommodate birders. He is dedicated to give visiting friends the best birding experience. Per do birding trips in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda/Rwanda (see section “Our trips” for more details) Per is sworn to Land Rovers and have two vehicles: “Lizzie” is a 5 seater fitted for Long drives and have all the necessary gear. “Maggie T” is a 6 seater with a pop up roof, mainly used for day trips from his house. Both are Defender 110 with normal axel distance (Not extended). Many of the roads we travel are extremely bad and only a normal Land Rover can handle those roads. Please be aware that this is Africa (TIA). There will be dust, bumpy roads etc. My trips are not for novice birders. I will always send a list of potential birds we cvan get on our trips and I expect that my friends coming here cvan tell the difference between a Schalow┬┤s Turaco and a House Sparrow. Some of my friends have never been to Africa, which is fine, but please study up on my list and know what to expect. If I cach you taking picktures of a Dark-backed Bulbul again and again, I will not be happy. For those that take pictures: Know your camera and practice with it before you come. I only know Nikon and can not help with Canon or Sony cameras. In other words, be prepared. Most trips are booked 6 months ahead, so there is no excuse to not be prepared

My Office
View of Mt. Meru from my office
In Kitulo National Park, Tanzania
Camp in Magamba Forest, West Usambara
With Birding friends in Arusha National Parka
With friends in Nairobi, Kenya